Thanksgiving FUN 2021 – FULL PACKAGE


Thanksgiving PACKAGE


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Get ready for Thanksgiving with these FUN INTERACTIVE items.

This purchase includes the THANKSGIVING FUN 2021 board, the THANKSGIVING RECIPE 2021 board, the Thanksgiving Recipe eBook AND the Thanksgiving Postcards!

Tons of graphics and fun to share with your team, prospects, etc.

THANKSGIVING FUN BOARD: Quotes | Diffuser Blends | This or That? | Fun | Questions | Scavenger Hunt | Bonus

THANKSGIVING RECIPE BOARD: Main Course | Side Dishes | Desserts | Drinks | Extras

THANKSGIVING RECIPE EBOOK: Snag this eBook to share with your customers. The eBook includes 38 gorgeous pages with delicious essential oil recipes. It includes Main Courses, Side Dishes, Desserts, Drinks, and Extras.

POSTCARD: With the purchase of this Thanksgiving Postcard, you will get a link to google drive where you will find directions on how to make your postcard, photos, and a pdf. There are also directions on how to create a QR code and add it to your postcard.


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