Nature gives in many ways;
traveling is a gateway to soak in
nature’s gifts that foster a healthy life.



Natures Traveling Secret


chichen itza pyramid – the mysterious 7th wonder of the world

an ancient mayan miracle Remember when the world was supposed to end on December 21, 2012? That prediction was derived from the ancient Mayan calendar, which was so advanced that it could predict that every 5,126 years all of the planets would be in perfect alignment....

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kitesurfing lake mohave – 6 mile cove

from nevada to arizona on a surfboard? Probably the only benefit of being an occasional gambler is that you can get free hotel rooms. I had just completed an incredible three day jeep expedition through the Mojave Trail that finished in Laughlin Nevada. Since I was in...

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red rock canyon: best show in vegas

keep your eyes on the road We first heard about Red Rock Canyon over 20 years ago. We were climbers in college back then, and we saw it in a magazine. Ok maybe we weren't real rock climbers. Real climbers were hanging off the edge of half dome in a hammock suspended...

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mayhem on the mojave trail

5 jeeps and a prius in the mojave desert Life doesn't hand you a lot of gifts. Even when it does you have to have the insight to recognize them and the motivation to seize them. When Sesar put the word out that he was gonna jeep the Mojave Trail, I pulled some strings...

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unplugged in san felipe baja: the south campos

where the desert meets the sea of cortez Baja is not just a place. It's a way of life. Technology and innovation have changed our lives irreversibly. Our children will never understand life without selfies and the internet, and we will never have a chance to...

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escaping to rancho banderas punta mita

clifftop ocean views and uncrowded surf breaks We spend a lot of time enjoying the beauty of the Baja desert from Cabo north to Rosarito. However, we also welcome the opportunity to enjoy the greener parts of Mexico. One of our favorite spots is Rancho Banderas Punta...

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