Training with Jill (Full Board, Workshop and Lifetime Group Membership)


Go at your own pace training course with video instruction and more.

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Join our exclusive Facebook group for focused training that will help you to boost your business.

After this course, you will know how to use Trello, Zoom, Loom, FB Live, and Canva to help build your business.

With TRAINING WITH JILL, you will have LIFETIME access to this SPECIAL GROUP and CONTENT!

For each LESSON, there will be comprehensive videos, recorded loom videos, educational information, homework, etc.

Each participant will receive their own Trello Board with TONS of information (and even some special graphics).
After we share/teach you a NEW skill/technique you will have a “CHALLENGE” (aka HOMEWORK)… and a place to share for feedback.

What will this include?

  • Private interactive group
  • LIVE Pre-Recorded TRAININGS
    (they will be recorded and saved as well so you can refer back)
    • Trainings/Info for Trello/My Oil Board
    • Trainings/Info for FB Live with Zoom
    • Trainings/Info for Canva
    • Trainings/Info for Loom
  • Q&A Posts as well as LIVE Q&A
  • Specialty BOARD with info, links, etc.
  • Challenges and Homework.
  • Exclusive Graphics
  • AND MORE!!!


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