Maximize your Facebook Groups with Guides

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Do you feel like you don’t have an organized place for your downlines and new customers to find out the important information they need to start their doTERRA journey? Do you get texts randomly throughout the week from someone on your team asking questions that you answered for someone else last week? Do you want to use your time more efficiently for new members, making sure they have the right content when they start using oils?

Maximize your Facebook Group with Guides can help!

What are Guides and how can they help your group?

Guides are a way for group admins to organize and share resources with their members. Guides work like an education module and are a great tool to help onboard new members.

Members can also mark their completion of each guide and this completion rate is tracked within your Group Insights.

Why is this important for your group?

  • Using guides, you can create modules for your group rules, important posts, or other relevant content you would like to easily find and organize. This will help your members find what they need!

  • With guides, you can organize posts and choose the order in which they appear.

  • You can track member completion! For example, if you have rules or training guides, you can track who has completed them. Members can click “I’m done” to tell admins that they have completed the unit. This will be visible to the admin in their Insights.

  • Admins can then view their group insights and see details on each members’ unit and the posts they have completed.

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