Five Pillars: Monthly Membership Options & Group


Monthly Education & Support Group

With the monthly program, you will be invited to participate in our exclusive Facebook group.
In this group, you will receive:

  • monthly training on the Five Pillars
  • tips on how to share this information with your networks
  • strategies to increase engagement in your groups
  • an initial introduction on how to use Trello, a robust organizational tool
  • opportunities to learn from special VIP health professionals who will
  • share their extensive knowledge and strategies with you in live interviews!

Each month, you will discover more critical components about each of the Five Pillars in a Trello board, have exclusive access to monthly training and interviews with other health professionals, like yoga instructors, crystal experts, and health coaches! And, you’ll receive additional graphics and education in each of the pillars of health, engagement posts, monthly challenges, DIY recipes, and printables to share with your teams!

TWO OPTIONS AVAILABLE. Click the “Click for Options” button for more information and details.


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