friendly pines camp: a family tradition

No, we don’t go to summer camp, but our daughter has for the last seven years. This basically means we get a six week break from being a parent every summer. So, it kind of feels like summer camp is for parents too! Our daughter loves it, and so do we.

FPC Summer Camp
Sure, we miss our child during that time, but my husband and I both grew up going to the same camp that we send our daughter to – Friendly Pines Camp in Prescott, AZ. Far be it from us to deny our child the same incredible opportunity to develop independence, ride horses, waterski, and make lifelong friends. Nearly all of our best childhood memories come from our experiences as campers there. The same people have been running the camp for decades, and they do an amazing job.
summer camp cabin

Camp is where I met my husband. While we were both campers there at the same time, we didn’t really meet as campers. However, I do have a memory of him lip synching “Great balls of fire” at the talent show when I was about 11 years old. The short story is… We met later when we came back as counselors, had a summer romance, and got married a few years later.

If you can afford to send your children to camp, we highly recommend it. Your kids will love it, and it’s a great opportunity to give you and your husband some alone time to re-connect. However, they’ll have a very full and tiring day in close quarters with lots of other kids so we find it “essential” to send our daughter with some of her oils to support her immune system and to repel mosquitos.

If you can’t afford to send your child to camp, ask about the family/employee discount. If you can donate your time at the camp as a nurse or something they need, your children might be able to go for free. My parents both work at the camp, so our daughter goes for free!

Friendly Pines Summer Camp

Friendly Pines Camp

FPC friendly pines camp summer camp

summer camp for parents

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