Training with Jill: Mastering Social Media (FULL package)


Training with Jill: Mastering Social Media

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Join our exclusive Facebook group for focused training that will help you to boost your business.

An intro course to using various social media platforms. Join us for tips/tricks, information, and more. With this course, you will make some BIG STEPS toward mastering social media. There is a LOT to know about social media. Join us to get started.

Each participant will receive their own Trello Boards (FOUR OF THEM!!!) .

  1. Mastering Social Media (tips, tricks, useful information, instructions)
  2. Social Media Planner (includes multiple versions of the planner)
  3. Social Media Post Planner (planning board for FB, IG, and Blog)
  4. Social Media Content Calendar (schedule, add tags, etc.)

Make sure to check out my other training courses. Training with Jill focuses on how to use Trello, Loom, Zoom, FB Live, and more. Training with Jill: Optimizing FB Pages focuses on maximizing your Facebook pages so that you are getting the MOST value out of your time. Training with Jill: Marketing YOU provides information and prompts to help you work on your Marketing/Branding.


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