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ADAPTIV Spotlight
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Get everything you need to educate your team about ADAPTIV in ONE SPOT!


With this purchase you will receive a COMPLETE BOARD with done for you text, etc… You will also receive google drive links to most graphics. 

Live Graphics | Sneak Peek | Guess the Oil | Daily Challenges (with text) | Adaptiv Spotlight (graphic & eBook) | Prizes | Questions | Congrats Graphics | Toppers/Banners | Bonus DIY Graphics | Extras (Links) | Other (graphics) | Fun Stuff | Health Quotes | Diffuser Blends | Rollerball Blends (with printable PDF for labels) | Extra Graphics | Adaptiv Capsules | Mini Lesson Adaptiv Ingredients

If you aren’t already a member of my Graphic & Resource group, Join us HERE.

IF this looks good to you but you’d like to SAVE MONEY… you can join DISCOVER OILS and SAVE… You’ll receive similar info and bonuses each month. **CONTACT me if you are interested!**
(As a member you can get all of this for less than $12.50 a month if you do the Annual Payment Option)


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