Independence Day Board (Full Board)


Independence Day Board

**Please read the description FULLY!**


Description june fun graphics

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Celebrate Independence Day with these graphics and done-for-you text.

100 graphics and fun to share with your team, prospects, etc.

Diffuser Blends | Engagement Posts | Quotes | Jokes | Recipes | Rollerballs | True or False | Oil Guide | DIY | Fireworks Safety | Scavenger Hunt | Postcard

This set includes over 100 graphics… done-for-you text to copy and paste… interactive material and more…
SOME graphics were used LAST year, and a few are on the Discover Oils Board this year… HOWEVER, there are many items that have NEVER been seen before.

**This board was created in 2021. There are no new graphics.**

If you aren’t already a member of my Graphic & Resource group, Join us HERE. 



*No refunds on this special due to the low price and the fees incurred. 


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