Ever Growing DRIVE Folder Access


Ever Growing DRIVE Folder Access



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***HUNDREDS and likely THOUSANDS of GRAPHICS are included… and I upload more occasionally. But this purchase is mostly for what is already there… and periodic additions… SLOWLY Every Growing Drive Folder.***

With this purchase, you will receive access to a GOOGLE DRIVE FOLDER. There are already HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of graphics available. These graphics cover SO many topics. Many were created for my personal groups over the past couple of years. You can pick and choose what you’d like to use… (These photos are from when I was first adding items… there are SO many there now!)

Over time, I will be adding more and more to this FOLDER. I won’t give a definite number of what or when, but as time permits, I will add more! There are typically a few albums added each month. But as of now, it is mostly a complete resource… with a ton of graphics.

This FOLDER will NOT include these items: My DISCOVER OILS MEMBERSHIP graphics, my MONTHLY FUN ALBUMS, or items I create in the future to sell separately. It is primarily a graphic resource to pull from as needed.

Please check out the video and photos in the resource group.

If you aren’t already a member of my Graphic & Resource group, Join us HERE. 

**Unfortunately due to the nature of this item, we will be unable to offer refunds. If you have questions before purchasing, please contact us. There is also a video showing some of this in my resource group.


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