Autumn Collection 2.0


Autumn 2.0  Board
(If you purchased the Original AUTUMN board, message me for a special discount code)


Description june fun graphics

june graphics jillwiley

Get everything you need for the AUTUMN Season in ONE SPOT!

Autumn Quotes | Sprays | Diffuser Blends | Recipes | DIY | Recipes | Get Ready For Autumn | 30 Day Photography Challenge | This or That

This set includes ~100 graphics… text… interactive material and more…

If you have purchased from me before, this will be a little bit different than usual. I will not be sending you a board. Trello is making some crazy changes so we are going to try doing this differently. Please watch for directions after purchase and check your receipt for links and information. Don’t forget to visit the google drive and save to your drive (there is a video on the board). Also make sure to remove yourself from the board, or message me if you can’t figure it out. 

If you aren’t already a member of my Graphic & Resource group, Join us HERE. 


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