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Earlier this year, I went to Puerto Vallarta with one of my old friends from highschool that I rarely see. Vacationing with friends can be a bit of a gamble because it’s like you’re married for the week. Fortunately, Michelle turned out to be a perfect partner.

Puerto Vallarta Cocktails
We all know how much work it takes to maintain a healthy marriage, even when you only see each other a few hours a day. Vacationing with friends means you are together 24 hours a day for an entire week. Every decision you make, from breakfast to what you will do for the day, to what time you will go to bed requires flexibility, consensus and compromise. If your decisions don’t coincide with your partner’s on vacation, things can get ugly fast.

Our ideas of vacation that week were 100% in agreement. Lots of relaxation and reading, share the occasional two for one happy hour cocktails at the pool, take some leisurely scenic strolls, share some nachos, and have a few nice dinners together, but nothing too fancy or over the top. I leave the kiteboarding, surfing, and extreme hiking to my husband. I can be adventurous sometimes, but it’s hard to beat a day at the pool with your girlfriend.

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puerto vallarta mexico pool

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