the adult version of studying abroad?! remote year.

Ok, my husband and I love to travel – who doesn’t?  We both did a semester abroad in college and loved it.  However, our friend has stumbled upon a similar program but for working adults who have the ability to work remotely.  You bring your remote job with you, and join 75 other people who have their own different remote jobs. You travel to 12 different countries throughout the year – one country each month.  For only $27,000, “Remote Year” provides you with all of your travel between the 12 destinations, your living accommodations for the year, a workspace with internet access, and community activities.

It is shocking to us how cheap it is, because you can hardly pay rent in San Diego on $27,000/year.  We are extremely jealous of the amazing time that he is going to have living in all of these different locations. We are definitely looking forward to hearing about Portugal, Morocco, Bulgaria, Croatia, Columbia, Peru, and Argentina. He promises to post updates during his remote year here.  He’s single with no kids, and so it’s the perfect opportunity for someone in his situation (but probably not for us married folks with kids).  However, we will keep this in mind for our daughter after she finishes college and you should too.

We are pleased he’s taking a piece of us with him though.  He had been having trouble sleeping, so we gave him a bunch of different essential oil samples to try diffusing at night to see which ones worked best for him.  He had success with Breathe (respiratory blend), Lavender, and Frankincense and decided to order some.

Essential Oils Remote Year

The funny thing is that he only wants to take carry on luggage for this remote year. A 12 month trip around the world – not one checked bag!  He’s now trying to figure out which shirt he’s going to leave at home to make space for his diffuser and sleeping essential oils.

Kaylie's Crafts Remote Year

Our daughter is also sad to see him go for the year, but she came up with an ingenious way to force him to stay in touch. She has been making duct tape wallets for our friend for years now.  In her latest wallet she made for him, she taped a note on the inside of the wallet. It says “don’t forget to send a postcard to Kaylie everywhere you go!”

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