Passion: Our Essential Life

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I started as a consumer and was not trying to start a business.

I wanted oils to improve our health and rid our home from toxins.

After using essential oils for about three months, I realized I should have been using them my whole life.

I got rid of household cleaning chemicals (they gave me headaches) and replaced them with oils (no headaches!).  I realized everyone should be doing this.

Everyone in my family started taking oregano essential oil whenever we felt like we needed to boost our immune system.  We were amazed at how we seemed to dodge sickness whenever we turned to oregano.  We thought everyone should be doing this.

My husband and his friend started inhaling frankincense oil to relax before bedtime and promote sleep.

We started using the oils for cuts, skin irritations, digestive issues, sore muscles, insect repellant and just about everything.

We started diffusing essential oils in our house to create a soothing and pleasant environment.  Everyone who came into our home commented how great our house smelled.

Soon, we realized that everyone should be using plants instead of chemicals for just about everything.

I began sharing the oils with my friends and they had positive results as well.

I receive a percentage of the purchases my friends make, and they are as happy as I am about this.

Realizing I could make money from this, I started teaching free classes to friends of friends, and their friends, and their friends.  They order products from dōTERRA but dōTERRA gives me a percentage of the sales.  Everyone seems happy that their teacher collects a percentage of the orders.

The vast majority of my customers are only interested in being customers and using the oils for themselves.  A few of my customers have begun to share the oils with their friends and are collecting a percentage of the purchases that their friends make.  Over time, this network grows, slowly but surely.  I have to work at it, but I enjoy meeting new people and teaching them how they can replace chemicals with plants for just about anything.

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