Buying doTERRA Oils Wholesale

Congrats! You’re ready to order doTERRA oils wholesale & get started with…

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Would you RATHER save the $35 AND get 25% off of ALL of your purchases?
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Instructions for Buying dōTERRA Oils Wholesale (25% off!):


Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click “Join & Save” in the top menu

Step 3: Scroll to the bottom and click the green “JOIN doTERRA” button
(You will be given the option to become a wholesale customer or a wellness advocate after a few more “clicks”)

Step 4: Choose your language and country and click “Continue”

Step 5: Choose “Wholesale Customer” and click “Continue”

Step 6: Fill out your info and click “Continue”

Step 7: Choose the $35 Introductory Packet to your cart (this is your 1-yr wholesale membership), then enter the oils or products that you’d like. Next, enter your payment info, and process order! (I like to choose economy shipping. It is the cheapest and ships pretty quickly.)

Step 8: Once you’ve ordered, you will receive an email from dōTERRA. You will be able to log into your account right away to manage and track your order.

Step 9: You will also receive a personal email from me to get started! I will be your resource and guide along your essential oil journey. I will work closely with you so that you will know how to best use these amazing gifts for your family!


Want to save the $35 Wholesale FEE???  Choose a starter kit?
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Interested in Oils but prefer to purchase Retail (25% more)?
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