Nature gives in many ways;
traveling is a gateway to soak in
nature’s gifts that foster a healthy life.



Natures Traveling Secret


beautiful punta san carlos.

A camping and kitesurfing adventure in Punta San Carlos Phenomenal sunsets! Incredible coastline! Punta San Carlos in Baja Mexico is gorgeous. It's also a Mecca for outdoor adventure in the form of camping, mountain biking, surfing, kiteboarding, and paddle boarding....

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12 day cruise: norway and iceland

exploring the norwegian fjords, iceland and more. When we think of vacation, we typically imagine a tropical beach with waves and a nice pool. However, once every year or two, we travel with our extended family on a cruise that is more geared towards sightseeing. Last...

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crossing the rubicon: a 3 day off road jeep adventure

adventure through the sierra nevada mountains. The Rubicon Trail is the Mecca of off-roading jeep adventures in North America. It sets the bar for which all other trails are judged by, not only for its difficulty but for its beauty. While the entire trail is only...

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loco for LoCa: lodi delivers wind and wine.

There's so much to see and do within driving distance of our home in Southern California, so we decided to take a road trip to Northern California to check out Lodi's wineries. In 2015, Lodi was named wine region of the year by The Wine Enthusiast.  While Lodi has...

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natures traveling secret.

My husband stumbled upon a beautiful melaleuca tree while traveling and hiking in Maui earlier this year and it got us thinking.  Did you ever wonder what it is that makes people love to travel so much?  When you can't travel, do you find yourself gawking at colorful...

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14 days in Cabarete – the DR on a budget (part 2)

Sometimes you want to travel someplace you've never been, but sometimes you find a special place that keeps you coming back for more. Cabarete is one of those special places that keeps people coming back for more. Check it out: 14 days in Cabarete - the DR on a budget (part 2) read more

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