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I am a believer in natural health and wellness. In my mission to reduce the amount of toxins and pharmaceuticals in my life, I found that natural oils are essential in supporting my physical health and emotional balance. These essential oils (frankincense, peppermint, melaleuca, lavender and more) are now an important part of my daily essential oil Essential oils can support metabolism, balance hormones, promote digestion, sharpen focus, soothe sore muscles, support respiratory function, help reduce head tension, support a healthy mood, promote healthy skin, and much much more!

These naturally occurring plant extracts have been used by many people for thousands of years to support the body and mind. However, since they aren’t drugs, and the pharmaceutical companies don’t have patents on them, don’t expect the health care industry to advertise them to you.

A close friend of mine shared these amazing “gifts of the earth” with me several years ago and now I’d like to share them with you.  Several companies make essential oils, but there is only one that I trust due to successful third party testing.quality oils essential travelSourced from around the world in their natural habitat, this company brings the purest and most potent form of essential oils. Each and every essential oil undergoes extensive testing methods at multiple production points with third party testing to ensure the highest quality of oils. This process greatly surpasses the USDA Organic standards.natures traveling secret essential oilsThese essential oils, or gifts of the earth, have been used throughout history. They are aromatic compounds that are found in bark, stems, seeds, roots, flowers and other parts of plants and can support your body naturally.
community and support essential oilsI’m here to give you my full support during your essential oil journey and usage training.
I’m available via…phone/text, email, and Facebook.

If you choose to enroll with me, you will have access to my exclusive online, private community of essential oil users. Our community is a safe place where we share experiences, recipes, tips, tricks, answer questions, do giveaways, and more.

I’m also available to help train and support you if you would like to explore the business opportunity and share the oils with others. doTERRA essential oils This is one of the most important things you must know about essential oils… Not all essential oils are created equally. Many of them have failed third party testing, are synthetic or have undisclosed fillers that do nothing to improve your health.

I would love to get you started on the same holistic journey that I began several years ago. I teach free classes about how to use essential oils, and I can also point you in the right direction to do your own research.

Please contact me via the form below to get started on your free education – no strings attached and no sales pressure. If you like what you learn, I’ll be here to show you how to order only when you are 100% ready. Take your time – learning to support a healthy life is a lifelong journey.

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