Discover Oils SPANISH: September (Black Pepper)


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Follow the easy instructions on how to use the Discover Oils: 12 Months program to increase engagement and orders.

Plug in pre-designed graphics and extras into your website, facebook pages, facebook groups, instagram, pinterest and more.

Challenge Graphics

You will receive graphics for each day of the month (plus a few extras). TWO options for graphics; Month and Year.

Banners & Toppers

Multiple banners and toppers for Facebook and more. Banners/Toppers for classes, groups, etc.

Recipes & DIY Graphics

Each month you will find a variety of recipes and DIY graphics to correspond to the focus oil of the month.

Sneak Peeks!

Sneak peeks for “next month” to boost LRP orders for “this month.” Includes additional SNEAKS to get your customers and members interested!

Educational Links

Multiple educational links to share with your customers/members

BONUS Material

Bonus material added throughout the month.

Prize Options

Multiple prize option graphics each month.

Congratulations/Winner Graphics

Multiple “winner” graphic options.

End of Month “Questions”

Ready-made graphics with questions for the end of the month. Boost engagement and find out what your customers/members like best.

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